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We are committed to providing the top recommendations in the market on a short and long term basis. That is why
we continuously work with companies as they grow and improve shareholder value. Top Market Gainers only covers
legitimate revenue generating companies with big gain potential.


(Professional Diversity Network, Inc.)

$0.58 to $1.00




(Uranium Resources, Inc.)

$0.35 to $0.74


110% GAINS


(QKL Stores Inc.)

$0.97 to $2.10


116% GAINS


(Seanergy Maritime Holdings Corp.)

$0.56 to $1.44


157% GAINS

5 Reasons Top Market Gainers is Different

  • First

    We Do Not Recommend Penny Stocks Trading On The OTC Market.

    Because penny stocks are more thinly traded, they tend to be easy targets for price manipulation. They also tend to represent lower-quality companies and trade on markets with fewer manipulation controls and governmental oversight. Top Market Gainers does not believe in taking mindless risks with pink sheet or OTC Stocks. All of our trade alerts are outstanding but undervalued NASDAQ & NYSE listed companies on track to build long term shareholder value.

  • Second

    We Only Recommend Reputable Companies That Are Listed on the NASDAQ & NYSE

    All of our picks are reputable companies with real revenues and assets that are capable of great potential in their future. We only alert companies on these exchanges because they are the most sound and liquid exchanges that set elite standards for honest reporting and reliable trading. These aspects are essential especially when you decide to take a profit. We search diligently through these exchanges to find wealth creating stocks that are destined to take an upturn.

  • Third

    Only 1 Trade a Week

    The team at TopMarketGainers believes in quality over quantity. Uncovering undervalued companies with high growth potential takes a lot of time and effort. We spend our days scanning the market and researching companies in every sector imaginable. We only focus on companies that we believe will show traders the highest financial reward with the lowest downside risk.

  • Fourth

    More Than Just a Stock Newsletter

    When you signup to TopMarketGainers not only do you get up-to-the-minute access to exclusive trade alerts With short, medium, and long term gain potential.

    You also get free access to trading & investing strategies to help you limit losses and lock in gains. We believe that the well-educated investor is a wealthy one, let us help you build a stock portfolio that will be the envy of all of your peers!

  • Fifth

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    This service will always be 100% Free. We will never share your email and will never spam. Be assured that your privacy is honored & respected.

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